Ours is a family estate, with a great wine-growing tradition, rooted in history and perfected on the hills of Pressano.

Over the years, we have converted all our vineyards to organic farming and more recently have started introducing biodynamic principles to our work this has been a journey of constant growth driven by a deep understanding of our land and by our daily commitment in the vineyards.
Currently, our vineyards cover about 20 hectares, lying either in the area of Pressano or in the Sarca valley, and are marked by their great differences in terms of climate and soils.

In addition to a total production of about 125,000 bottles for the different types of wine, we also produce a very limited quantity of Extra-Virgin Olive Oil as well as apples, in the valley-bottom orchards. The latter are partly processed into apple juice.
A family history
n the parish archives of Pressano, our surname appears for the first time in 1751. From that time onwards, the roots of our family, like those of the vineyards, run deep in these hills.

Other documents report the purchase, at the beginning of the nineteenth century, of the Olivar vineyard, which at the time produced Nosiola that was taken by oxen to Innsbruck thanks to Bernardino, our great-grandfather and a subject of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Later, grandfather Rinaldo, with the help of his son Paolo, started selling wine to various taverns in the neighbouring city of Trento. Over
the years and with great dedication, Paolo was able to increase the estate's land and, aided by his sons - Alessandro, Franco, Roberto and Lorenzo - ushered the winery into the modern era.

The wine-growing techniques changed and the pergolas were replaced by trellis systems having greater planting densities and lower plant yields; likewise, winemaking methods evolved and innovative techniques were used to maintain the grape's aromatic integrity and ensure the production of long-lasting wines.

Today, traditional methods and innovative techniques go hand in hand in a constant endeavour to achieve the highest quality.
Today and tomorrow
The wish to produce wines that represent an authentic expression of their land of origin has renewed our respect and care for the vineyard and its ecosystem. Gradually, we have converted all the estate to organic farming and have introduced the principles of biodynamics with the aim of further improving the quality of our grapes, of the wines and of our work.

Our expectations and goals have changed: to stop and listen, become aware and observe - these are the keys to best interpret the unique nature of the living matter that we manage and escort towards the bottle.
Behind every decision, there is our awareness that a healthy and strong vine, with a deep and well-developed root system in an aerated and live soil, produces grapes that are the utmost expression of a specific vineyard and year. Our role is that of mere guardians with a duty to act in the crucial stages of the production process but in a non-invasive yet efficient manner.

Even if our history as wine-growers is seeded far in the past, every day is an opportunity to improve and grow. For this reason we have recently undertaken a process of research and mutual exchange of ideas with the I Dolomitici group. This is currently giving us great results and is sure to continue to do so in the future.