Our vineyards are found in two profoundly different areas of Trentino - a difference which is reflected in the wines' complex and unique nature.

On the hills of Pressano, the vineyards are at about 300 m above sea level where the continental climate offers great day/night temperature variations.

The soils derive from the weathering of rocks whose origin dates back to millions of years ago when sand, silt and mud was deposited on the bed of a sea that has long disappeared. The proof of this marine origin, shared with the rest of the Dolomites,
lies in the regularity of the rock layers and in the presence of marine-animal fossils found on the dolomitic peaks. These soils are deep and fertile, marked by their high mineral content.

Here we mainly grow white grape varieties such as Nosiola, Gewürztraminer, Pinot Bianco and Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay and Sauvignon as well as a single red grape variety, Lagrein.

The common characteristics of the wines originating in this area are their structure, marked and well-defined, as well as their distinct sapidity, evident persistence and their great aging potential.

The Pivier and Prabi vineyards, on the other hand, are found a few kilometres from Lake Garda, near the small town of Ceniga in the Sarca Valley.

The Ora del Garda - a wind blowing from the lake - rises unfailingly every day, mitigating the climate and day/night temperature fluctuations, and thus contributing to create an ideal environment for olive trees and other Mediterranean species.

In the Prabi vineyard, with its loose alluvial soils, we grow Manzoni

Bianco and Riesling, while clay, which is predominant in the Pivier vineyard soil, is an essential ingredient for growing red grape varieties such as Merlot and Cabernet Franc.

This is in fact a fundamental element, both for its high mineral content and for its great water-retention properties.

In the wines, it contributes to the development of denser tannins and of darker and more intense hues, while maintaining a stable acidity and producing grapes that remain healthy and sound.